The first million primes

We calculated the first million prime numbers... and added them in a downloadable list.

Coding hints V: Other coding hints

Other coding hints for the platform

Coding hints IV: JavaScript Game Development with

Learn about game development capabilities of platform

Coding hints III: User Input

Learn how to handle user input in JavaScript programs from

Coding hints II: Drawing on canvas using JavaScript

Learn about graphical capabilities of and available drawing functions

Coding hints I: JavaScript Syntax

Quick overview of JavaScript syntax and main JavaScript methods

Flood fill in JavaScript – Recursion or no recursion?

Learn how to implement the flood fill algorithm in JavaScript

Calculate PI in JavaScript ... by throwing darts

Calculate π in JavaScript using random numbers

Calculate PI by measuring the area of a circle in JavaScript

This is a fun way to calculate π in JavaScript

Build a fantasy CPU emulator in JavaScript

Do you want to build emulators for game consoles? Start with this simple CPU emulator in JavaScript

JavaScript Modulo and the Caesar Cipher

Learn how to implement modulo in JavaScript and build a Caesar Cipher encoder / decoder

Porting programs between Khan Academy and

Do you know that is possible to port your Khan Academy programs to And vice-versa.

Using external images and sprites

This articles shows you how to use external images and sprites in your codeguppy programs

Coding for p5.js users features for users with previous p5.js experience

JavaScript Coding Challenges for Beginners

Practice JavaScript by working on these coding challenges

Best coding website for kids

Learn why is one of the best coding websites for kids

Type-in programs

Introduce kids to coding using type-in programs

JavaScript for Kids

Learn how JavaScript can be used as a text based language for kids