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CodeGuppy Platform

Learning to code is easy and fun with the right platform... especially if is FREE. You can use our platform in the classroom, coding club, or at home. Our entire curriculum of lessons and projects is tailor-made for kids with activities such as interactive graphics and game creation. On codeguppy students love creating programs and sharing them with their friends!
Coding Platform

Web based platform

With CodeGuppy you'll learn to code real games and applications directly in your browser. You don't need to install any software on your local machine. Any Windows, Mac or Chromebook computer is perfect for CodeGuppy.


JavaScript language

At CodeGuppy.com we teach JavaScript - the most used and popular programming language nowadays. Our multi-scene code editor is empowering beginners to type their first line of code as well as advanced users to create multi-scene platform games.


Game assets

To make coding fun and engaging, CodeGuppy is providing you with a full library of animated characters, background images, and sounds that you can use in your games and applications.

Coding for classrooms, coding clubs, and independent learners.

Main Features

JavaScript PlaygroundCodeGuppy offers a built in JavaScript code editor and canvas based output area.

Cloud storageUnlimited cloud space for storing games and programs. Create new programs from scratch or remix existing ones.

ShareStudents can share programs with family and friends. Advanced users can even embed CodeGuppy programs in websites and blogs

Runtime environmentOffer a graphical API (powered by p5.js) for introducing kids and beginners to programming via creative coding.

Multi-Scene GamesCodeGuppy allows to create multi-scene arcade games effortlesly.

Game building assetsBuilt in library of assets with asset browser (sprites, backgrounds, sounds)

Type and Run programs“Type and Run programs” paradigm allows students to create fully functional games and programs just with code. No setup to perform, no assets to manage ... just type the code.

Project based tutorialsCodeGuppy offers a wide range of tutorials on various subjects (games, graphics, etc.)

Graduation pathStudents can graduate to real world programming. Users can easily move from CodeGuppy to p5.js sketches and beyond to advanced JavaScript programming.

Multi-scene games

Building multi-scene games with CodeGuppy is as easy as drag and drop
Drag and drop coding
Building multi-scene games

Sprites for games

Build games using built-in or type-in sprites

codeguppy includes a library of built-in assets such as backgrounds, animated sprites and sounds. In this way you can focus on the code and not on finding and managing assets. And if your game requires more unique characters, you can go ahead and define your own sprites directly in the code. This is a fun activity for young kids and nostalgic adults. The good part about type-in sprites is that they travel with your code.


YouTube channel

If you like video lessons, check out the companion Youtube channel

If you want to see a full playlist of coding videos using the codeguppy.com platform, please open the Coding Adventures youtube channel. You'll find JavaScript coding lessons as well as many other beginner friendly coding projects. The channel is a great companion to the codeguppy.com platform

Channel main page Coding lessons playlist Coding projects playlist

Questions and Answers

What is coding?
Coding is an essential 21st century skill it is digital literacy. Many schools around the world already introduced coding as a mandatory curriculum activity.
CodeGuppy for Hour of Code
Hour of Code is a great initiative to introduce kids to coding. Some educators prefer to use block-based languages... but codeguppy.com encourages Hour of Code activities using a text-based language. Take a look here for an amazing FREE book you can use during an Hour of Code event.
What is the minimum age for codeguppy.com?
At this moment we require users to be age 13 and above in order to open an account with codeguppy.com.
Why choose codeguppy.com when you have so many other coding sites?
codeguppy.com is specialy designed for kids with easy to follow tutorials written in a friendly language. Kids can choose whatever tutorial they want at their own pace. There are no quizes or milestones - just pure coding fun. codeguppy.com is not a coding game, but actually a coding platform that gives the coding control to the user. The platform supports development of a wide range of games and applications.
Why codeguppy.com is not using a visual blocks language?
Visual Blocks languages such as Scratch have their own merits to introduce very young kids to the world of coding. However our opinion is that kids should transition as soon as possible to text based languages. A text based language will help a kids develop not only real coding skills but also other important skills such as spelling. If kids in the 80s were able to learn coding using BASIC (a text based language written in rudimentary editors), we believe that contemporary childrens can also learn JavaScript using the advanced codeguppy.com environment.
What language are you teaching on codeguppy.com?
On codeguppy.com we are teaching the most popular language nowadays: JavaScript.
How can I transition from Scratch and other block languages to JavaScript?
codeguppy.com implements sprite based animation concepts similar to the ones from MIT Scratch, code.org SpriteLab or Microsoft MakeCode. This makes codeguppy.com very appealing to users transitiong from these environments to text based coding. In codeguppy.com environment users can create fun animations and games using JavaScript.
What kind of programs can I develop on codeguppy.com?
codeguppy.com has been designed from the beginning as a univeral JavaScript platform for kids and educators. Special features were baked in into codeguppy runtime to facilitate development of the following types of programs:

  • Draw with code programs. These are perfect to introduce young kids into text-based coding. codeguppy.com accepts graphical instructions without any form of JavaScript structure. See this Draw with code tutorial for a few examples.

  • Creative coding programs. If you worked before with p5.js library, then you'll be pleased to know that codeguppy.com is based on this great library. You can now write creative coding programs directly into codeguppy.com integrated environment. See the Codeguppy for p5.js connoisseurs for more info.

  • Games with sprites In addition to p5.js library, codeguppy.com also integrates the p5.play game engine along with a full library of animated sprites and backgrounds. In this way kids will focus on writting code rather than search the internet on obscure sites for graphical elements.

  • Multi-scene games Scene Manager is a big feature in codeguppy.com It helps kids to develop multi-scene games without having to worry about state management.

  • Modular programs You can split bigger programs into several modules. All you need to do is to 'require' the proper module. Please check tutorials for examples on this feature.

  • UI programs On top of the canvas, codeguppy.com has the ability to display HTML elements such as InputBoxes or Buttons. This add a whole new dimension to codeguppy.com programs. Please check the existing tutorials for more details.

  • Math and computer-science programs codeguppy.com has a simple, but classic API 'println' that allows both code newbies as well as computer science teachers to focus on writting pure non-graphical JavaScript code.
Is codeguppy.com using p5.js / Processing API?

Yes! The runtime of codeguppy.com is based on the excellent p5.js library together with additional libraries such as p5.play, p5.SceneManager and TurtleGFX.

p5.js and Processing API were carefully designed with code newbies in mind. They are currently used by thousands of schools and clubs around the world.

By using a friendly online editor and other features such as "zero-boilerplate coding", codeguppy.com is making p5.js appealing to younger kids as well! And when they outgrow codeguppy.com, students can switch to bare-metal p5.js sketches with ease.

Why teach graphics and games programming?
We are using graphics and games programming as ways to capture the attention and light the imagination of young coders. What else should we teach a 10 years old: how to develop boring bussiness applications? In addition to graphics and game programming we are also incorporating many math based curriculum activities.
What about Turtle Graphics?
codeguppy.com has a built-in Turtle Graphics engine. You can draw shapes using the default turtle or create as many turtles as you need. You can even combine in your programs turtle graphics with classical p5.js based cartesian graphics.
What computer should I use to learn coding?
Our codeguppy.com environment is Web based. Is running on any modern browser on most PCs and tablets. However, when coding, we strongly recomment to use a computer with a physical keyboard and mouse such as a Chromebook, Windows PC or Mac. Coding requires to input many strange symbols that are very difficult to find and enter using a screen based keyboard.
Can I create my own programs with codeguppy.com?
Yes! On codeguppy.com we are offering unlimited space to create and store personal programs that you can share with others. You can code new programs from scratch, if you prefer so, or by starting from other programs found in tutorials or shared by friends.
Do you allow game reskinning and remixing?
Yes! We encourage you to remix the programs and games from this site and then share your versions with family and friends. We also provide a library of backgrounds and assets so you can easily reskin any game. Check-out these screen captures for examples of reskinned games.
What makes the codeguppy.com platform special?
CodeGuppy is teaching JavaScript. Our platform adds just the right amount of 'spark' on top of JavaScript in order to empower users to create nice programs but without distracting them from the language and computer science concepts. Behind the scenes, CodeGuppy is using p5.js - a JavaScript library with deep roots in academia. On top of the coding platform, CodeGuppy provides a library of game building assets, an online coding editor with syntax highlight, program sharing capabilities and unlimited space for personal programs.
Why learning through games and creative programming?
Games and animations are the first type of applications that a kid encounters on either personal computers or mobile devices. Therefore kids are very motivated to create and share their own games with friends and family.
Can I use CodeGuppy to teach coding in class?
Yes! We are offering the full coding platform and all the essential coding lessons and tutorials. This is appealing to many coding club teachers who can now use the platform in a class environment for teaching JavaScript. Please see the educators section for more details.
As a book author / video course producer, can I use CodeGuppy as a platform to teach coding and JavaScript?
Yes! CodeGuppy is the perfect platform to teach coding and JavaScript to kids and beginners via printed books, articles and video courses. CodeGuppy supports "Type-In" programs, exactly like the home computers (Commodore 64, ZX-Spectrum, etc.) used to offer in the 70s - 80s. With CodeGuppy there is no need to perform any setup or configuration or even manage assets. Everything is included so students can focus solely on type-in the code you publish.
New CodeGuppy projects seems to be published all the time. How do I stay informed about latest CodeGuppy tutorials and projects?
Latest news about CodeGuppy are published on the Twitter page. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

codeguppy.com is FREE. How can I help the project?
If you like codeguppy.com, we'd be very happy if you can spread the word about it (post on social media, write a review, tell your friends, etc.)

If you have teaching skills, then submit us your coding tutorial / book and we'll gladly host it in the Download section.

Please feel free to contact us with any other collaboration idea.
CodeGuppy is FREE

Did we mention that codeguppy is FREE?

codeguppy.com is a 100% free coding website for kids and teens. You can code with codeguppy.com in the classroom, at your coding club or at home. Even advanced users and adults can use it for recreational coding! Happy Coding!

If you like codeguppy.com, we'd be very happy if you can spread the word about it by posting on your favorite social media account (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), or writing a review in your favorite publication, or subscribe to Coding Adventures YouTube channel or just tell your friends about codeguppy.com

What Users say?

CodeGuppy allows me to create my own games that I can share with my friends.

I was always interested to see how the classic games such as Pong and Breakout were made. CodeGuppy has tutorials for these games as well as many others.

CodeGuppy is the best coding site on the entire web.