by Tariq Rashid

This course is specifically designed to be accessible to young learners, with language carefully chosen to maximize understanding. The course projects are kept short, with lots of illustrations, and planned breakpoints for exploring and playing. This course was developed in response to demand from teachers and parents for a child-friendly course that:

  • engages students visually
  • avoids complicated technology setup
  • teaches programming and computer science concepts
by Adrian

This is the book behind the excellent type-in educational method encouraged by The book contains small programs that young coders can type-in in order to familiarize with coding concepts. The book is a highly recommended resource for Hour of Code

  • Draw with code programs
  • Recommended for Hour of Code
  • Great for young coders
by Warren George

This quick taster is part of the learning how to code course for complete beginners using JavaScript. Learn how to create digital art or make simple games.

Full workbook coming soon.

by Nazia Fakhruddin

This booklet contains many fun projects such as:

  • holographic fun
  • forest with bezier curve
  • sail boat with vertex
by Adrian

This is a collection of 50+ coding challenges that can be used to practice JavaScript. The challenges can be implemented in pure JavaScript with no additional library. A beginner friendly solution is also provided together with each challenge.

  • Coding challenges for beginners
  • Practice JavaScript
by Adrian

This is a collection of classical problems solved using both iterative and recursive. The problems and provided solutions are intended for code newbies.

  • Practice JavaScript
  • Understand recursion