Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a great initiative to introduce kids to coding. Some educators prefer to use block-based languages... but codeguppy.com encourages Hour of Code activities using a text-based language. Using our method kids may create their first program in just about 1/2 hour!

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Hour of code

codeguppy.com is challenging the common misconception that only block-based languages are appropriate for young coders and is presenting an ingenious method for introducing kids to coding. This method, heavily influenced by the golden age of home computers, is based on type-in programs.

Type-in programs were huge in the 80’s. An entire generation of kids learned to code by typing in programs from books and magazines.

Although entering programs this way may seem slow and annoying the method has amazing educational benefits. By typing-in programs, kids improve typing skills, attention to details as well as grasp the basic concepts of programming.

See typing in action

As someone said, if kids in the 80’s were able to learn coding using BASIC, then kids from nowadays should also find text-based coding accessible!

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Beyond Hour of Code

Please note that codeguppy.com is a very versatile coding environment that can be used beyond Hour of Code. codeguppy.com encourages people to get started with coding through fun and engaging activities such as game building. codeguppy.com is for everyone:

  • Kids and teens can use codeguppy.com to build games
  • Educators and CS teachers can use codeguppy.com to teach coding in class or coding clubs
  • Hobbyists can use codeguppy.com as a recreation coding platform
Hour of code

To make coding easy, fun, and engaging for people of all ages, codeguppy.com comes with an online code editor and a graphical oriented runtime. There is a variety of programs that can be created using the codeguppy.com environment:

  • Kids can make video games using built-in animated sprites
  • Kids can build video games with custom 16 color type-in sprites
  • Teens and adults can create pixel art games
  • Teachers can use Turtle Graphics to teach CS concepts
  • Educators can support Hour of Code with “Draw with code” activities
  • Creative adults can use codeguppy.com for creative programming
  • CS teachers can teach algorithms in JavaScript using codeguppy.com
  • Beginners can practice JavaScript by studying included projects and coding challenges (see projects on the left)
  • Hobbyists can approach codeguppy.com as a JavaScript based fantasy console / computer

codeguppy.com is using JavaScript as a coding language. JavaScript is together with Python one of the easiest programming languages that can be used by beginners. codeguppy.com makes JavaScript even easier to use. Just browse or download “Draw with code” book to see how easy it is to start coding.

At this point we believe you have more questions than answers! Therefore we encourage you to please feel free to contact us at any time. We can discuss how to get started with coding, how to implement codeguppy.com in your coding club ... or even discuss coding questions or share programs.

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