Hour of Code

Welcome to our Hour of Code resource page. We are providing you with free coding resources for a fun and engaging Hour of Code event. Using our method kids will be exposed to text-based coding and may create their first program in just about 1/2 hour!

Download the FREE Draw with code book for your next Hour of Code event.

Hour of code

In the ever-evolving realm of art and creativity, a fascinating fusion of technology and artistic expression has emerged in recent years, known as "Drawing with Code."

Drawing with code is a creative process that involves the use of computer programming to generate visual art with code. Instead of traditional paintbrushes, young coders wield lines of code to create intricate drawings.

Drawing with code is also an excellent method to introduce young students into the wonderful world of coding. You only need to download the following FREE PDF that contains drawing with code programs, then distribute them to students in your group (more details inside the PDF).

See typing in action

Type-in programs were huge in the 80’s. An entire generation of kids learned to code by typing in programs from books and magazines. As one person noted, if children in the 1980s could grasp coding with BASIC, today's kids should also discover text-based coding to be within their reach!

Download Draw with Code book


Beyond Hour of Code

codeguppy.com is a very versatile coding environment that can be used beyond Hour of Code. Schools and coding clubs around the world are already using codeguppy.com to teach coding.

To get started we are offering teachers tons of coding resources on the codeguppy.com website. In particular, we'd like to highlight you our “Illustrated JavaScript Course” - a meticulously designed course for teachers of all coding skill levels. Here are some benefits of this course:

  • you can use it in classroom / coding club
  • teach coding to students that have never coded before.
  • serious learning - covers JavaScript language from basic concepts to advanced concepts such as closures and classes.
  • pragmatic approach --- less theory more exercises. The course has tons of practical projects.
  • fun and engaging - teaches JavaScript by building graphical projects, animations, and mini games.
  • professionally illustrated with custom drawn friendly characters
  • students can graduate to p5.js sketches or other JavaScript platforms.
  • over 700 slides of content
  • over 300 code samples or projects (source code included)
  • available in PowerPoint format (PPTX) for easy editing / tailoring by teachers

Get Illustrated Coding Course

At this point we believe you have more questions than answers! Therefore we encourage you to please feel free to contact us at any time. We can discuss how to get started with coding, how to implement codeguppy.com in your coding club ... or even discuss coding questions or share programs.

Hour of code