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CodeGuppy is the FREE JavaScript coding platform that you can use in your middle school or high school. Since there is nothing to install, you can teach coding directly in the browser.

Versatile platform

The versatile codeguppy.com platform allows you to mix and match different activities in your curriculum such as creative coding, game development and even STEM coding.

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Contact us to see how to setup your coding club and how to incorporate CodeGuppy activities in your curriculum.

Coding course features

Use our curriculum or yours

Before you begin teaching coding in your classroom or coding club, you need to have a well-prepared curriculum in place. Here are two options to consider:

Option 1: Build Your Own Curriculum

You can create your curriculum using the wealth of free coding resources available on codeguppy.com. Additionally, you can adapt external coding resources based on JavaScript and p5.js, to work with the free codeguppy.com coding platform.

Option 2: Use Our Illustrated JavaScript Course

For a quick start to teaching coding, you can adopt our PowerPoint-based coding course. It offers an engaging learning experience with numerous illustrations and fun projects while covering JavaScript from zero to advanced concepts.

Teach your class

Use a projector to share your PowerPoint / PDF materials and the codeguppy.com coding window.

Students will watch you coding live in the code editor and even help you find the 'bugs'.

Create assignments

Create assignments for your students and ask them to solve them in codeguppy.com editor.

Remind students to Save often and when ready to share with you the program they created.

Review assignments

Students will work on the assignment and when ready, they’ll use the Share functionality from codeguppy.com to send you the link to their programs.

You will receive a link to their coding playground like in this example.


I know how to code myself. Why should I use codeguppy.com?

codeguppy.com is perfect for CS teachers and coding educators that know themselves how to code.

In a nutshell, codeguppy.com is an online JavaScript editor with a graphical based runtime. Since there is nothing to install or configure, you will spend all the time teaching and coding with your students!

The runtime of codeguppy.com is based on the excellent p5.js, p5.play, p5.SceneManager and TurtleGFX libraries. They are all incorporated nicely under a unified API perfect for creative coding and / or developing games. In addition, the environment comes with many graphical assets built-in: animated sprites, backgrounds, music files and sound effects.

At this point please consider to build your own curriculum or, for a quick start use ours:

Illustrated JavaScript Course
I don't know how to code. How can I use codeguppy.com to introduce kids to coding?

Please start by watching our YouTube videos. They should give you an idea about what it takes to teach JavaScript. After you feel comfortable writing small programs yourself, you can consider getting our Illustrated Coding Course for using it as teaching materials.

And don't forget, if you need more support, please feel free to contact us at any time

Illustrated JavaScript Course Coding lessons in video format
What do you recommend for Hour of Code?

codeguppy.com has one of the best method to introduce kids to coding. Please download the Draw with code book to get started.

Download Draw with Code book