Some of our programs and tutorials:


Draw colored lines, circles and other shapes with the awesome Artist program.


Pixel art is awesome. This tutorial will show you how easy is to build a simple pixel art editor.

Color Blocky

Pixel art is awesome. With this tutorial you'll learn how to build your own pixel art editor.


Breakout game is a classic. Learn how to recreate this game that will offer you hours of entertainment.

Analog clock

With all the digital gadgets around us, analog clocks represents a classical beauty. Learn how to re-create one with our tutorial and a little bit of trigonometry.

Micro draw

It is amazing that in a few lines of code you can create a draw program.

Falling balloons

Balloons are falling! Pop them all with your needle to win the game.

Plot a function

A simple and efficient function plotter.

Visual sort

Visualize what happens in computer memory during a common sort operation.


Invaders game is one of the most well known classic games. Learn how to how to create your own custom clone of this game.

Line artist

Create amazing drawings and texts using colored line art.

Micro spirograph

Tune our micro spirograph and enjoy the amazing shapes left behind.

Magnetic needles

Have fun moving your mouse in a field of magnetic needles.

Eyes mouse

Learn how to build the famous eyes that follow the mouse cursor.


Have fun with our drawing while learn how to implement movable shapes.

Musical Notes

Play with the musical notes to create your symphony.

Plane vs Objects

Pilot the airplane and distroy all the objects before your crash into them.


Learn how to create a simulation of our solar system with realistic planet movement.

Pop balloons

Use your keyboard typing skills to shoot all the balloons.

Random shapes

A visually interesting demo using only random shapes.

Computer poetry

With a little bit of coding, your computer can be a poet. Have fun at the amazing writtings.

Sliding puzzle

Implement the classic sliding puzzle... and then have fun solving it. Perhaps you can even share it with your friends.


Guide the snake around the obstacles to find the exit door.

Sprite MouseMove

A small sprite animation on mouse move.

Retro sprite

Create a retro sprite using only an array of numbers.

Falling spiders

Use the binary system to efficientize the retro sprite storage... and then animate the sprite to implement falling spiders effect.

Tic Tac Toe

Implement the classical game of Tic Tac Toe and play a match against computer.


Play a game of Pong against the computer. It can be pretty challenging.

Random circle

Watch how a series of dots are moving to reconstruct a circle.

Jagged shapes

When straight lines and circles are not enought, you can implement jagged shapes.

Virtual screen

Implement the game mechanism for virtual world scrolling games.

Connect the dots

Learn how to implement 'Connect the dots' game that you can share it with your friends and family.

Character editor

Implement an 8x8 character editor that you can use to edit your own fonts or sprites.

User defined characters

Learn how to define and write with 8x8 characters while exercising binary to hex transformation in the process.

Bitmap font

Take the writing with 8x8 bitmap fonts to a new level.

LED scrolling

Implement a classical scrolling LED display to transmit your messages in style.

LED matrix

Learn how to implement a color LED matrix for displaying your messages.

Turtle graphics

Turtle graphics is the flagship feature of Logo programming language. See how easy is to add Logo like commands to your favorite JavaScript language.

Guessing game

Pick an object from the display list then let the computer find the answer by answering a series of questions.

Lava lamp

Create nice animations that simulate a red and white lavalamp.

Color lava lamp

Simulate a color lavalamp using metaballs.

Seven segment display

Learn what it takes to create a classic seven segment display to display the current time in style.

Word search

Send your friends a special greeting... To see they first have to solve a classic game of word search.

Caesar Cipher

Exchange secret messages with your friends by encrypting and decrypting them with the Caesar cipher.


Calculate numbers from the Fibonacci series while learning about recursion and big numbers.

Fibonacci list

Use your computer power and clever programming to generate Fibonacci numbers with hundreds of digits.

Prime numbers

Let your computer generate prime numbers with amazing speed.

Navigate primes

Navigate prime numbers, one page at a time.

Console math

Create a simple math game while coding in 'console' mode.

Escape the lab

Escape the lab is text adventure game that requires imagination rather than skills.

Find Max

Learn how to traverse an hierarchical structure using both a recursive and an iterative approach.